Scavenger Hunt! – In Person & Virtual

Hello Conference Attendees!

Posted around campus are 17 QR codes that link to the legend or tradition associated with that spot on campus, collected and archived by past 333 students. We’d love for those attending the conference remotely to enjoy the tour as well, so if you find a code and record your re-performance of the legends or participation in the tradition, tag @westernfolklore on Twitter or @folk_wise on Instagram, and use the #westernfolklore2022.

All the codes are outside, near signage/on exterior walls (nothing requiring entry into private spaces). The locations can be found on this map, using the key/numbers below. Bring a friend and have fun!


Pardee Plaza (near 5):

  • “Kicking the Flagpoles”
  • “George Tirebiter”

Student Union (2):

  • “The Gargoyle”

Child’s Way (between 1 and 14):

  • “The Nazi Tree”

Hahn Central Plaza (near 37):

  • “Tommy Watch”
  • “The Fountain Run”
  • “George Tirebiter and Traveler”

Doheny Library (35):

  • “The Doheny Library Book Thief”

Marks Tower (near 32):

  • “The Second Floor of Marks Tower is Haunted”

EVK (near 31):

  • “Someone Died at EVK”

CPA (27):

  • “The Tallest Building on Campus”

Leavey Library (29):

  • “Song for Finals”
  • “Club Leavey”

McCarthy Honors Dorm (near 21):

  • “The Ghost in McCarthy Honors Dorm”

SCA (18):

  • “Two Directors”

Cromwell Field (16):

  • “Tommy’s Run”

Aquatic Center (near 19):

  • “Graduation High Dive”