Image of sandy yellow and burnt red cover of the Western Folklore printed journal. It has different WSFS stickers sprinkled all over it, making it look festive and dynamic. Some of the stickers are outlined in white, but most are the same color as the journal.

Western States Folklore Society

Committed to the study of regional, national, and international folklore in all its aspects.

Four issues of the Western Folklore printed journal fanned on top of each other on a wood table.

The Society’s principal publication, Western Folklore, has been published annually since 1942. Learn how to submit an article, book review, or participate in the journal publication through the link above.

Every April, the Society’s Annual Meeting bring together a wide variety of individual scholars and groups for open discussions and the presentation of papers about various aspects of folklore and folklife. See what we will get up to this year!

a mixed up pile of red, yellow, and white Western Folklore merch stickers.

Notes & Queries is dedicated to sharing folklore-related events, spotlights of individual folklorists and their work, as well as general discussion of folklore-related subjects.

We invite anyone interested in folklore and folklife to become a member of Western States Folklore Society. Faculty, students, staff, independent folklorists, international scholars – all are welcome to join WSFS.

Image of the WSFS circle logo including a red outline of the characteristic WSFS bird on a yellow background